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Abbott’s principals have established extraordinary relationships throughout their 50-year history in Greater Boston and they have a track record of integrity, superior returns to investors, connection to the community and a commitment to excellence. Their approach to evaluating real estate opportunities is shaped by their roots as business operators as well as an analytical approach to real estate finance. This combination sets Abbott Investments apart and is reflected in both its investment track record and its strong relationships with tenants and communities over the long-term. ​


The foundation for Abbott Investments was laid by Ed Rothschild, father of current Principal Michael Rothschild, and founder of the pre-cursor company called Abbott Equipment. Under Ed’s leadership they specialized in renting, selling and servicing construction equipment that powered contractors on the city's biggest jobs. Michael learned the equipment business from his father, and his growing familiarity in the work of construction companies gave rise to the opportunity to shift from a specialization in equipment to investing in, purchasing and improving real estate. In 2000, they sold the equipment business to United Rentals, and began a new journey as Abbott Realty. With their current evolution into solar and real estate development, the company has become Abbott Investments, run by Michael Rothschild. He manages the company’s portfolio, identifies new opportunities and makes all investment decisions. Areas of Michael's expertise include the following:

·       Underwriting, complex financial modeling and analytical due diligence

·       Risk assessment of development structures with complex partnerships

·       Energy efficiency programs that include rooftop solar systems

·       Early adoption of technology to streamline operations and reporting

·       Track record of investment returns deploying capital in dozens of syndications

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The hallmarks of Abbott Investments are: Credibility, flexibility, reliability, quality results and a commitment to the communities where they operate and invest. Mr. Rothschild capably plays a wide range of roles in the business which in many other environments would require an entire team. He has deep knowledge of the sectors where he is focused, and a reputation for independent thinking, rigorous analysis and being a straight shooter.


Michael constantly asks himself the question: “How can I create value for this building and make it work as an advantage for the business owner and community?” He exerts his deepest efforts in answering this question and customizes the results for each of his clients. 


Highly regarded as a businessman and entrepreneur, Michael Rothschild considers his role as a family man his greatest function. He is the husband of Kerrie, and father to four beautiful children- Julia, Emily, Jessica, and Jacob.

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