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At Abbott Investments, we make a difference through the intersection of real estate and renewable energy. We aim to focus on sustainable projects that do not have any adverse societal or environmental attributes. We are proud that this standard has guided our company for the last 50 years, and we choose not to compromise it for short-term gains. We prefer to focus on net-positive projects. Accordingly, most of our investments and projects cater to mass markets and feature a values-based platform for investing in buildings, tenants, communities and more. We typically look to be part of the sponsorship group which allows us to use our ability to place or attract capital, assist in acquisitions or permitting, and bring our solar and energy expertise to the table.


Abbott Investments has various ownership interests and stakes in nearly two dozen properties throughout New England. Abbott has equity positions in a variety of asset classes and building types via control and non-control positions. As part of their development activities Abbott purchases, designs, and develops under-managed properties working from scratch, in order to accommodate the needs of the community or business. Mr. Rothschild has vast experience with solar energy systems, and he enjoys incorporating them into the redesign and redevelopment of buildings in order to make the building more energy efficient, sustainable, and planet friendly. Eco-friendliness is extremely important and foremost in the mind and practice of Mr. Rothschild. He develops various rooftop and ground mount solar systems, works on investment and asset management, and purchases existing operating solar farms. He built the first rooftop solar system on a United Rentals occupied facility on Southampton St. that was the first of its kind out of over 1100 national locations.

Mr. Rothschild possesses solid private and nonprofit sector experience. Michael has vast experience with solar energy and storage systems and enjoys incorporating them into existing buildings or ground up projects. These combined skills equip him with the unique ability to understand the complexity of financing and the structure that both sectors need to be successful. The values and competencies, which are at the core of Michael’s expertise, enable him to provide customers with the following:

  • Deep experience and knowledge in the real estate industry, and a trusted family name.

  • A diverse array of construction clients and a unique approach to investments that create value and quality results for business owners and communities.

  • Deep roots in selling construction equipment, and nonprofit and for-profit real estate development.

  • Diligent focus on buildings that are under-managed or underutilized, or outliers that sit without bids for a long period of time. Seeing and creating value where others see only risk via repurposing certain types of assets, dealing with environmental issues, and redeveloping sites.

  • A unique blend of tools to tackle projects and properties that others may look to avoid.

  • Diverse experience in investment, development, and solar energy that inspires extreme creativity in the assessment of new projects.

Southampton Photo.jpeg

133 Southampton St. Boston, MA

Legacy Asset owned by the Rothschild family for several decades. It was the original home of the family owned equipment rental company which was sold to United Rentals in 2000 who has been a tenant ever since.

Over the course of ownership made countless improvements to the building to the benefit of the tenant and the community

Installed a roof top solar array that produces all of the electricity that the building requires

Repaved the parking lot, repainted the building, improved lighting, built a wash bay, updated signage, fencing, and fuel tanks. All of these improvements have led to a long term relationship with the tenant that continues to strengthen.

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33 Bradston St. Boston, MA

Abbott Investments in conjunction with a group of other investors identified an underperforming asset in Boston’s Newmarket Neighborhood.

After making significant upgrades and capital expenditures the property was repositioned and sold to another investor within a very profitable eighteen month time frame.

Played a significant role as one of the largest investors along with extensive local market knowledge.

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40 Robbie Road, Avon MA

Abbott Investments in conjunction with a group of investors purchased 40 Robbie Road in Avon,MA.

Robbie Road is a 155,000 sf industrial building that was under-managed and underperforming.

With an extensive capital plan including rooftop solar asset will be repositioned within 18 months with significant value added by lease renewals and other operating efficiencies.

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Indigo Block 65 East Cottage St. 

Dorchester, MA 

  • While serving in the role of the non profit entity Newmarket Community Partners that he helped found Mr. Rothschild was instrumental in bringing this 3 acre site in Dorchester from blighted to groundbreaking. The non-profit participated as an equity partner in the project without putting up any capital or as a guarantor of any loans.

  • The project is mixed use with 80 Low and Moderate Income Apartments combined with 20,000 sf light industrial building.The project was warmly received by the community, is close to breaking ground and should be delivered in approximately 18 months.

  • All the economic benefits derived from this project will stay within the non-profit where they will flow directly back into the community.

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1030 Mass Ave., Roxbury, MA 

  • As part of the 501(c)3 Newmarket Community Partners Mr. Rothschild was the lead proponent behind a development concept for the city owned lots opposite 1010 Mass Ave. in Boston.

  • The proposed project will help to reinvigorate Clifford Park and create gathering spaces for the community that have not existed to date. The project is substantial in scope with a projected total development in excess of 120M  if enacted. The project is on hold at the moment pending the City planning study for the Newmarket area that the BPDA is commencing this Spring.

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